I dream of dead people;

That make me wonder if that is the reason I have not been home in 20 years is; I am already dead !

Guys I miss all of you like crazy.

Look for me by moonlight
I will come to thee by moonlight
Though hell bars the way
Look for by moonlight
I will come to you by moonlight


ILY to all my family!

To the sweet child that signed to me ILY, you made my day, God bless!

On a totally different  topic:

The ghost in the machine must be the machine learning in one software that seem to be improving in predicting what I’m going to say next. Hey eves-droppers go suck on a lemon!



You pwned!

Some ass-hole signing message pretending to be me!

Computer pwned by malware!

If you received facecrook messages from following users, please ignore the messages! ily_asl_1024h